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Learn one way to build applications with Angular and reuse your code and abilities to build apps for any deployment target. For web, mobile web, native mobile and native desktop.

Achieve the maximum speed possible on the Web Platform today, and take it further, via Web Workers and server-side rendering. Angular puts you in control over scalability. Meet huge data requirements by building data models on RxJS, Immutable.js or another push-model.

Angular 6 is a superset of JavaScript for developing web applications. It has various in built features including http service, animations etc., which has the capabilities like auto completion, navigation, toolbar, menus and so on. The code is written in Typescript and will be compiled to JavaScript. Angular 6 is considered to be the best choice to create a single page web application. Updated features of Angular 6 benefits mobile and web application development. It makes the process of application development much faster, simpler and easier.

Features of Angular 6

  • Updated Angular Command Line Interface helps to add application features in command line
  • Updated Component Development Kit supports responsive web design
  • Updated Elements enables to use angular components in non-angular environment
  • Updated RxJS library allows to write asynchronous and callback based code in Angular
  • Bazel compiler enables rebuild only the updated portion of the code
  • Angular 6 included some animation improvements

Why you should use Angular 6?

Angular 6 is gaining its popularity nowadays and it will be beneficial if you learn this framework. Main advantage of using this script is reduced coding effort. Code written in Angular will be short but efficient. It eliminates unnecessary coding and hence ensures easy development.

Angular 6 have a modular structure which empowers easy organization of application functionality and it is beneficial to divide the work among different members while working as a team. Hence developers can improve their productivity.

The components of Angular 6 are highly reusable and its consistency allows a reader to understand the code easily. It also allows easy code maintenance and updation.

One of the major benefits of learning Angular 6 is that, most of the companies including Google support it. Hence it will open new career options to the candidates.

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Why Trinity Technologies?

Trinity Technologies is a leading IT/non-IT training institute in Thiruvananthapuram. We have a team of well qualified faculties who deliver high quality training with live practical sessions.

Our team of experts has designed the training program to comply with the current industrial standards. It includes lab assignments and hands on projects. This makes them capable to handle challenging real time scenarios.

Our training time can be scheduled as per your convenience. Week days and weekend classes are available. Hence working professionals can make use of our weekend classes. We also give the provision to attend the mock exams available in our website on each topic. Students can use it for self-assessment.

  • Best and experienced faculty
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  • Interactive classes and real time assignments
  • Real time projects to practice
  • Training to make professional websites like Facebook, Flipkart etc.
  • Learn how to create e-commerce, shopping websites using CMS Platforms
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