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C and C++ Programming

C is a general-purpose, imperative computer programming language, supporting structured programming, lexical variable scope and recursion, while a static type system prevents many unintended operations.

C language was developed in the mids of 1970, which was actually developed to write Unix programs. Compared to other preceding programming languages, C is less complicated, more flexible, easy to understand and efficient in memory usage. C++ language was developed based on C and it combined the useful features of high level and low level languages. The syntax of C++ is almost similar to that of C, but it introduced some new concepts like objects and classes. Hence it has object-oriented features as it permits the usage of objects inside the code.

After the evolution of new programming languages like java, php, etc, one may think of C/C++ as incompetent. But it is not so. All high level languages have an underlying layer of C basics, and almost all high performance applications and full-fledged embedded systems operate on C language.

Benefits of C/C++ over other languages

  • Easy to learn as its commands are similar to English words.
  • It is platform independent and hence can run on different machines.
  • Code is easy to understand and modify
  • Supports the features of middle level and high level programming languages

Why should you learn C/C++?

C/C++ is the fundamental for a software programmer. One can go for higher levels without studying C/C++, but it is always better to make your foundations strong first. Hence learning C/C++ will help you to understand the basics like compilation stages, designs etc. Moreover it helps you to develop many embedded projects since the software language used in almost all embedded system is C. Once you get mastered in C/C++, you can easily switch to other languages like java.

Career options

C/C++ can be called as a universal programming script as it is present in almost every systems like operating systems, file systems etc. The giant companies use C language to develop their technologies and products, and hence its scope will never end. This language has a high demand because:

  • It is the widely used scripting in embedded and mechatronic systems.
  • Many basic functions like image processing, real time systems, communication over network, data acquisition, interrupt handling, operating systems, graphical user interface (GUI), parallel processing, numerical analysis, gaming etc., work well on C/C++ programming.

The vast applications always increase the demand for a C/C++ programmer. Most of the tech giants like Amazon, Intel, Uber etc., still hires programmers with adequate knowledge in C/C++ programming.

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